Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrate the Haulidays with Chronicle Books

For those of us who LOVE books of all kinds, Chronicle Books has a dream contest going on right now. They're asking bloggers to compile a list of their favorite Chronicle books (up to $500 worth!) for a chance to win the whole list! Can you imagine? So I spent some time on and put together my list. Here it goes:

- Bird Song Bible: for my dad, a retired wildlife officer. This book would be the ultimate reference guide for him.
- Giant Pop-Out Farm: to add to my niece's library - because all kids should have a great stash of books!
- Thirty-Six Views of the Eiffel Tower: this is one book that caters to my love of all things Parisian.
- Overnight Sensations, Asia Pacific: because I dream of taking a vacation to the exciting Far East one day.
- Flour: the ultimate dessert cookbook - but wait, didn't I say I was going gluten-free?
- Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free: because, well, see above - the whole gluten-free thing I'm considering.
- Fast, Fresh & Green: because I need to balance my love of sweets with the health benefits of veggies.
- Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking: favorite cuisine!
- Tapas: who can resist small plates of goodness?
- Mexicocina: next to Chinese, Mexican is my favorite food!
- The Glorious Soups & Stews of Italy: a perfect cookbook for the wintertime.
- 52 Christmas Actvities: I love these "52" decks. And what better one than one that helps us celebrate the season?
- The Lifeboard: as the new year rolls around this board can help me plan, prepare and visual my future.
- Bedside Dream Journal: haven't you always wanted to write down those strange dreams to see what they really mean? This bedside journal is perfect for doing just that.
- 1,001 Ways to Live in the Moment: Maybe this book can help me be more spontaneous!
- Great White, The Majesty of Sharks: I love sharks! But they scare me, too! I guess it's a fascination thing...
- Around the World: a retrospective of travel to inspire me in my future travels.
- Love in Spoonfuls: a book of baby foods. Perfect for my niece.
- City Walks in Paris: I have and have used these cards before. But this is the new updated version. Perfect for my next trip to Paris!

Wow! Is this a dream list or what? Everything from travel to food to family to arts! It would be a dream come true for a book lover like me to have all of these in my possession.

So tell me, what kinds of books to you like to read?