Friday, December 26, 2008

The Holiday Season - A Time To Give Back

Well, it's Dec 26. Christmas has come and gone, we've "after Christmas shopped" for the requisite wrapping paper, ribbons and name tags for next year, and we've returned the few (thank goodness!) presents that didn't quite make the cut. After all the hubbub, it's certainly time to reflect for a few minutes.

It's a time to think of others and of how each of us can make a difference with even a small act of kindness. To that end, Libby's (the food company) is giving away a $300 grocery shopping spree - $150 for the winner to keep and $150 to be donated to the charity of the winner's choice.

Here's the charity I would support: the Caring Kitchen in my small hometown in Ohio. Being back home over the holidays really opened my eyes to the impact the bad economy is having around the country. Living in a big city now, it isn't always apparent. But in a small town, it's very, very obvious. You can see depression and defeat carried on the shoulders of people you pass on the street. The closing of several factories - and the threat of more closures - has everyone walking on eggshells. My parents, who often support the Caring Kitchen, called earlier this week to ask what they might need. They said they had a lot of adults staying there and anything would be appreciated. So, if I would be fortunate enough to win the $300 shopping spree from Libby's, I'd support this great organization.

Here's hoping and praying for a better 2009 for all...

Friday, December 12, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway

Well, I'm writing this in hopes of being chosen as the winner of the HP computer package being given away by Living in Theory.

Here's what I would do with the goods if I win.

First of all, it's certainly the season to think of others. And I'd do that by donating computers to two organizations close to my heart. The first is the Charlotte Rescue Mission ( They do incredible work, helping those in need in this city. I've been a supporter of theirs for a few years now. And, of course, always hope to be able to do more for them.

The second organization is in my small hometown in Ohio. It's the Caring Kitchen, a food pantry/shelter/assistance ministry that helps many, many people in need. Most of my family still lives in this small town and my parents are active supporters of this group. We personally know several people who have been help by this organization in times of need.

It's so unfortunate that the economy is so bad this year. While charities always need help, they will need even more than ever this time. So, I'd be thrilled to win this HP package to be able to pay it forward and be part of the magic this year. Thanks!